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I am fortunate to call this week’s homemaker a great friend of mine, Mrs. Mary Ellen Lawrence. Mary Ellen is one of the most creative visionaries that I have ever seen.  I can’t wait to share with you how she incorporates western details into her modern chic home. Not only have her and her husband created an immaculate homestead, but she reveals their DEAL BUSTING secrets. Mary Ellen manages to balance a well-kept home while being a full-time business owner and operator, team roping wife, and barrel racing competitor. This little lady has a full plate. Tighten up your saddle cowgirls, this is one homestead for the record book!

Interview with Mary Ellen:

1.First off tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a business woman by day, running a trucking company, and a barrel racing junkie in my spare time.  If you asked my Dad or Kyle it would be “Barrel Racing Junkie” 24/7.
2. Whenever you started decorating your new house, what was the first step you took in order to form a vision of what you wanted?

I love to be different and make a statement. I LOVE the western/rustic theme, but I also adore that pop of girly. As you can tell  from the pictures, turquoise is my favorite color.

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Lawrence Homestead: Dining Room 

3.Do you use sites like Pinterest to help you generate ideas? If so, what sites do you use most often?

I love Pinterest for decorating, and also a favorite is Cowboys & Indians Magazine.

*You can subscribe to Cowboys & Indians Magazine for as low as $19.95 a year. Follow the link below to start receiving one of Mary Ellen’s top inspirations.**PBP&
4.What part of your house is your favorite and why?

Honestly I spend more time at the barn, on the road, or outside. Nothing like being in your own bed, so I’m guessing the master bedroom is the answer.

5.What would you say is the most important thing to keep in mind while you are in the decorating process?  

We purchased our house, and it was so 1980’s. Yes, the dreadful pink bathtub and sinks. There was wallpaper galore and the ugly fixtures to go with it. I knew knocking down some walls, fresh paint, and deco would do the trick. I started with my paint colors which are all in the brown family to make the house seem bigger and flow.
6. What is your favorite store to shop at when purchasing home decor items?

TJ Maxx, Ross, Tuesday Morning, and Harold’s Furniture. I love the hunt of finding things at a DEAL.  You can do cheaper items, but then make it pop with some more expensive accessories. Antiques will always give you that old feel with a little western touch. The majority of all my pictures came from TJ Maxx and Ross, so never be scared to mix and match some.

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7. Do you have any tricks or hacks that help you keep your homestead organized/clean?

Probably that we are rarely in it. Lol

I love to wash clothes. Folding clothes is probably a little too much enjoyable to me. I have a friend that always says, “let me guess, you’re washing clothes?”.

8.Can you give us advice on picking color schemes or themes?

Go with the flow of your house and what works for you. I’m one that likes to venture out, but with my house it’s a little more traditional on the outside. Because of my traditional outside, I had to incorporate western feel with a pop of chic on the inside. If you have a big house you can go with more colors on the wall, but I personally like to chose neutral colors and accessorize with color.    

9. What is your favorite kitchen item?

The sink because I love to wash things. I knew when remodeling I had to get a copper farmhouse sink, and I’m so glad I did. I am not a big cook, but Kyle loves to grill. I’m the wash girl! 🙂


Cabinet secrets revealed below! 

10. What is most special to you when making your house a “homestead”?

Kyle and I did the remodeling as a team. There is nothing like coming home to your homestead that you transformed into a beauty from a beast.


Take a look at this amazing ceiling!!! Find out how to DIY below!

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Turqouise Ceiling:

Items needed:

Nifty Turqouise paint

Copper paint

Latte Glaze paint

Roller Brush


*You’ll need something to pour your paint into. Your local hardware store should have plastic containers for this purpose. SHOP LOCAL 😉


First use a roller brush to paint the ceiling with the turqouise paint. After giving the paint plenty of time to dry, use the sponge to dab on the copper paint. Finish up by lightly dabbing on the Latte Glaze. WAH~LA!

Lawrence Homestead Gallery


Championship Corner

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File_000 (6)

**Did you love the antique style cabinets? I sure did! The most amazing part of all is the fact that they were a DIY project. Yes, that’s right…YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF. No big box store involved. **

Antique Kitchen Cabinets DIY

Items Needed: 

Antique White paint

Latte Glaze

Paint Brush


*You’ll need something to pour your paint into. Your local hardware store should have plastic containers for this purpose. SHOP LOCAL 😉


*Prior to beginning make sure cabinets are smooth and ready for paint. If there are scuffs or rough spots, you may need to sand the cabinets before beginning. If cabinets are painted already with a bright color, you will need to prime the cabinets before beginning with the Antique white.

  1. Paint cabinets with the Antique White paint. You can paint multiple layers for the desired coverage.
  2. Give paint plenty of time to dry. Be patient! 🙂
  3. ONCE THE WHITE IS COMPLETELY DRY….Using a rag, wipe on the latte glaze

(The more layers you glaze, the darker the tint will be.)


For questions concerning any of the DIY projects or decorating tips, please feel free to comment below! Mary Ellen and I will be more than happy to assist you. 

Happy Trails!

❤ Katie @ the Houlihan Homestead







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