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Houlihan Homestead: Craftsman Interview

Campbell’s Creations

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Prices on bedroom furniture vary, depending on details, customization, and types of wood.

1. I always like to start out by letting our viewers get to know you. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started in the western industry.

My name is Steven Campbell. I grew up in Atmore, AL, where I started riding calves at six years old.  Riding bulls is something I have done nearly all my life, and I have strong passion for it. Even when I’m not competing, I’m producing clinics to help educate the next generation, getting them going in the right direction. One summer I tore my shoulder up riding bulls and had to have it surgically repaired. I was in college at the time, so I was going back to school in the fall. I have never been one to ask for anything. I had this wild idea that I was going to start building things to make a little money while I was out of commission. I told my friend,Shane Esco, all about my plan. Little to my surprise, he said he had always wanted a cowboy hat rack, so I took on the challenge. I sketched up an idea and built it, and those custom hat racks took off. Seemed as if everyone in Texas wanted one. I was also blessed to be able to pick ideas off of some great carpenters like Rodney Hall and Guy Spoon. I built a bunch of hat racks, custom trash cans, and a few other nick nacks. After I graduated from college I came back home and got a job surveying, and I didn’t really pursue the woodworking too much. I did build a few things for a few people as needed and it kind of took off again from there. Jake Dickerson, who is now a really good friend, was the person who asked if I wanted a job helping survey. He and I kind of started building a few things together. It is fun because he is a real crafty guy, who builds anything from kyodex and/or leather gun holsters, knife sheaths, to carpentry, etc.,and I have learned a lot from him. Together we have built things that neither him nor me would have ever imagined building. It’s hard to turn down a good challenge though, and I believe the challenge of building something I have never built is what I enjoy more than anything.

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Steven takes pride in pricing his products fair and afordable. Contact him for all of your custom design needs.

2. What is your favorite item or items to create?

My most favorite thing to build would have to be something I have never built before. My second favorite thing to build is anything custom with a western twang to it. I enjoy building furniture then adding some cowhide, horseshoes, brands, stars, etc. You have to be careful not to add too many of those things, because it can be easy to have too much going on a piece. The customized western furniture is my favorite to build.

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Wedding Guestbook


3. If someone wants to custom order a product, how do they need to go about it?

They can text or call me at (251)- 213-3413, or look me up on my business’s facebook page,  Campbell’s Creations. They can also go through my personal page, Steven Campbell, or Instragram, Steven_Campbell90.


4. Are you able to recreate buyers’ brands?

What are the different ways you design brands on your furniture?

Yes, that is one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes we’ll make a brand out of metal for a firebrand. Most of the time I’ll draw the brand on the piece I am creating. Next I will cut that out with a jig saw. Then I place cowhide under or behind it with a piece of plywood for the backing. That is what I call a cowhide inlay.


5. If a buyer knows exactly what they want, are you willing to recreate their vision or do you like to incorporate your spin on things?

Yes, I’ll do what it takes to make them happy. I do like to put my own spin on things, but I do not mind sticking to my customers exact desires. Some customers explain to you what they want, but tell me to do what I think looks best. I’ll sketch some ideas out to see what they think, and throw ideas back and forth to one another until we come up with the perfect piece. Others have it all figured out, needing me only to build the piece. My goal is to please the customer, so I’ll do whatever it takes to do that.




$450: Designed to your needs

6. Do you ship all over the U.S.A.? Do you cover the shipping cost or is that up to the buyer?

Yes, I do ship anywhere. A lot of times I’m able to find a ride for the items. For example, I may send a piece through a buddy of mine traveling to the same rodeo as my customer. There the customer can pick up their item and avoid shipping cost. If I do ship the customer is responsible for the shipping cost.

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7. If someone has memorabilia like a special horse’s shoes, favorite contestant back number, or unique leather, would you be willing to incorporate it into my custom order?

If so, should they mail those to you after requesting their design?

Definitely, there is many different ways to do it. It just depends on the customer. It seems like I have a lot of favorites, but that is also one my favorite things to do. I feel privileged to build something for someone that incorporates an important piece of memorabilia to them. Sometimes people are hesitant of sending something that means so much to them through the mail, so usually the customer will give me measurements of the item they’re wanting to incorporate. I’ll then build it accordingly, allowing them to attach their memorabilia themselves. If a customer does want to mail the item it does make it easier, but it can be done either way. Again, whatever makes the customer happy.

8. The Houlihan Homestead has fans from different disciplines. Can you do custom rustic designs that will go great with farmhouse/country style homesteads?

Another one of my favorites! Anything custom and rustic is what I like to build. A lot of the pieces I build are custom, rustic, and have a touch of western.




Trash Cans

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  Trash cans range from


depending on your branding desires.

Hat Racks

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Hat Rack with Cowhide and 2 racks: $250.

*For every additional rack there is a $25 charge.

CHECK IT OUT: This gorgeous custom coffee table, built to perfection! It was personalized with rustic stars and a picture frame on the top.



Campbell’s Creations has something for EVERYONE!


Championship Spurs Case:

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Contact Information:

Cell phone: (251)-213-3413

Facebook: Campbell’s Creations or Steven Campbell

Instagram: Steven_Campbell90


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